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Dome 16
We just finished a 10 episode sci-fi series for NRK and Tordenfilm about climate change and the differences between the rich and the poor in the future. We supplied all the planning and coordination of the VFX, and a big chunk of the VFX shots. Our GFX department also did a great job delivering all the futuristic graphics and interfaces needed. 
This is one of our biggest projects to date with 238 shots, many of them fully CG. Currently episodes 1-7 can be watched from here.
Planet Robin
Norwegians can watch "Robin and the Planet" on NRK for free here.
Paradise Highway
We worked with director Anna Gutto in her film debut to create the VFX for this movie about trucks and trafficking, starring Juliette Binochet and Morgan Freeman.
Planet Robin
In this adorable short film we took part in the planning, on set vfx supervision, and we delivered all the VFX.
Made in Oslo
We delivered both VFX and vignette for this Viaplay show about a fertility doctor that wants to become a mother herself.

Aker | Vi tar det herfra featuring Chuck Norris
We had a small part to play in Akers new promotion featuring Chuck Norris. All in all six VFX companies had to take part in making this to be able to deliver something like this in such a short amount of time.  
Love, Death + Robots | All through the house VFX Breakdown
We have created a small breakdown of our process on working with this episode of Love, Death, & Robots. The episode is mainly a stop motion animation, but we animated CG faces and tracked them back onto the puppets. Check it out!
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