Client | Einarfilm
Director | Thea Hvistendahl
Cinematographer Pål Ulvik Rokseth
VFX Supervisors | Torgeir Busch • Kai Kiønig Bortne
VFX Artists| Morten Mandt Nilsen • Mariusz Kolodziejczak • Daniel Røsnes
Compositors | Steven Higton

Related work

«Kampen om tungtvannet» is the highest viewer rated TV-series of Norway in this century. The story behind Hitler's plan of Germany getting the atomic bomb during WW2, and the heavy water sabotages in Rjukan, Norway, seen from four angles, the German side, the allied, the saboteurs and the company side
Mysterious holes in the ground appear in the neighborhood, and child detectives Tiril and Oliver - and the dog Åtto - begin to dig into the case to find out why. The film was nominated for Folkets Amanda and is based on the book series Detektivbyrå Nr. 2
When a truck crashes inside a tunnel, people on their way home for Christmas are brutally trapped in a deadly fire. With a blizzard raging outside, and the first responders struggling to get to the accident, it's every man for himself.
Fantefilm production company returns after 'The Wave' with the disaster movie located in Norways capitol Oslo. We're proud to be onboard with equipment, DIT and post-production.
A short breakdown of the VFX we did for one of the episodes of Love, Death & Robots for Blur Studios and Netflix. This is a stop motion animation made by Blink Ink, and we did animated cg faces over the puppets as well as slime for the monster. Cleanup and grade was also done @ Blink Ink.
The worlds youngest rallycross driver, son of a world champion. Will he beat his father? A complete investment, we've been on this project from A to Z. Full of technical challenges over a long period.
Seizure follows the investigation by Oslo detectives Max (Anders Danielsen) and Sander (Anders Baasmo) after four young immigrant boys are found dead in an empty swimming pool. Bizarre twists in the case brings the detectives face to face with both their own demons and a dark sequence of increasingly inexplicable even
After two years in prison for participating in an illegal street race, Roy says no to a new illegal winter race from Bergen to Murmansk in the North of Russia. But then he hears that his daughter will participate with a boyfriend.
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